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Vlogging About Business, Beauty, Fashion, Life Hacks & My Life!




I travelled a journey of finding Love through fashion, where I was a bound to the world of fairytale that I was born to explore and choose  the flavours of life to define my individuality and expression of freedom. Born in a small town, Ooty south part of India, where fashion had no meaning. I fought a long journey to seek the world of fashion that I adored and freedom to explore the world beyond I was born in. Destiny strolled me down the path of passion and love to exhibit its disappointments. It was not the world I saw or endeared to see or travel further. Rather, I choose to make a difference. The journey was quite heartbreaking and yet I managed to build my vision through Adam and Alice, where love was a strange game that I sought to play. Sometimes, I wonder if the world has lost to see the true love or I have been foolish to seek the innocence of love. I tried to incorporate the colours of emotions in my creations and sought  to tell my story through my work. I am sure many women out there have their own stories and we aim to express them differently either in life or through our work. I have strongly believed that our work determines who we are and what we do is must be world of goodness in our actions and in our work. Sometime life could be very cruel to us, but a world of fashion can always bring happiness and joy in everyone of us. So I choose to find happiness in my work and in my creations where I choose to sharing my journey with you all through my vlog. 

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